About Us

Wall Street Run  is an online financial website, offering the latest  and must current financial news on NYSE, NASD, TSX and CDNX companies.   We offer investors the opportunity of receiving email alerts on various  markets, with a focus on microcap and penny stocks.  Along with our  alerts we also maintain a “Stock to Watch” section, providing our  readers a complete coverage of all market sectors.

Wall Street Run is also geared towards helping small and medium sized  companies achieve their goals of going public by providing all the  necessary tools.  We offer company’s the possibility of IPO Reverse  Merger’s, as well as the possibility of accomplishing dual listings.   Our team can create and customize any solution, which is tailored to the  needs of our clients.  Our goal is to aid our clients achieve their  goals and missions, allowing them to be industry leaders.

Wall Street Run also provides comprehensive investor relations  programs, allowing company’s to reach out to a greater investor base.

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